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Exclusive products for cosmetic needs of oncology patients!

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Top Quality Wigs for Cancer Patients

Patricia and Company
Patricia and Company

At Patricia and Company in Weymouth, MA, you will find beautiful and comfortable wigs, headwear, and an exclusive line of skin and hair care products.

We understand that it can be an overwhelming experience to cope with the visible changes you may experience as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

While these changes may be of concern, remember that they are almost always temporary. Knowing what to expect and how to manage these changes will enable you to take control and feel good about yourself, which will also help you through your treatment.

A Comfortable Private Setting

We are here to help you with all your cosmetic needs resulting from your treatment. More importantly, we listen to your specific needs and provide personal, undivided attention in a comfortable private setting. Our services are available to clients in New England and across the nation.

Patricia and Company
Patricia Queeney

Meet Our Owner

Our owner Patricia Queeney is a licensed professional with prolonged association with the American Cancer Society, South Shore Unit.

  • Former two terms VP American Cancer Society, South Shore Unit.

  • Former Massachusetts spokesperson for the "Look Good Feel Better" program, ACS.

  • 1998 recipient of the Massachusetts Sunrise Award, American Cancer Society.


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Patricia and Company

To my friends - Most of you know my special relationship with Ida – my 90 year old other mother – and the care she requires now. Ida is a very proud woman and being forced to accept a lot of changes right now….and I am trying to help her with it….trying. And there are moments – if life were different – her daughter, Jeanne, would rightfully be the one to help her mom. Today was one of these moments. But it is me….
Today we had 90 minutes with a truly unique and gifted woman at PATRICIA AND COMPANY in South Weymouth. When you have a moment, please go to their FB page or their website. There are times in your life when you have to surrender your pride and trust someone to help you. I witnessed a 90 year old woman given the opportunity to retain her pride and grow and accept changes in the skillful and artful hands of Patricia Queeney (owner of Patricia and Company). It was truly a gift to have found this firm and I recommend them without hesitation. I cannot thank Patricia enough for the support leading up to this day and her way with Ida.

~Elaine B.

Patricia and Company

I just want to thank you so much for the work you put into my wig Everyone that sees it is amazed at how it looks like my hair, same style, same color. Again thank you for your kindness at a difficult time for me.


Patricia and Company

Dear Patricia,
You are awesome!! Thank you so much for making the dreaded experience of getting a “GI Jane: a fun and memorable one with my friends and family. Your lighthearted attitude made it comfortable and fun for everyone. Breast cancer is not fun, but you have a special knack for putting newly diagnosed people (Me!) at ease and helped me approach this with a more positive attitude than I otherwise may not have. Thank you-thank you-thank-you- you are a special person and are great at what you do!

~Love, P.C.

Patricia and Company

I had the unfortunate occasion to be in need of a wig earlier this spring. I lost my hair due to chemotherapy, and since my insurance would cover a “scalp prosthesis”, I looked into different places to get wigs on the South Shore.
Based on my sister’s telephone conversation with them on my behalf, and their website, I decided to go with Patricia & Company. They are very helpful from start to finish, and do everything they can to find a wig you are happy with and that is in your price range. Once the wig arrives, they will style/cut it for you, and provide you supplies to store it.
I am very grateful for their help, and definitely recommend their services, especially for chemotherapy patients.

~Sarah M.

Patricia and Company

I want to thank you for helping me choose the perfect wig. It was a very stressful time in my life and you made me feel so comfortable. I will certainly be returning after the first of the year to purchase another. Thank you again for all your help and knowledge.

~Sincerely, E.P. 

Patricia and Company

My wig experience with you was as good as it gets. It is a difficult situation at best, however, your positive attitude, patience, and humor deflects all anxiety and apprehension. You sure are the right person in the right places. Thank you so very much.

~Sincerely, E.

Patricia and Company

I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for being the person you are. Genuine and individual interest, along with your open and honest suggestions, allows each of your clients to make decisions on their conviction of your truthfulness and integrity.
Marie has been experiencing changes and challenges; and through it all she remains positive. Thanks to you! It makes me so happy to hear her say that she believes that miracles can happen and dreams can come true.
Marie Looks so healthy and happy and as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. What an inspiration you are!

~Thank you. M.P.

Patricia and Company

Thank you so much for all your help. You made an unpleasant task so much easier for me with your great personality and understanding. I love my wig!

~Fondly, M. 

Patricia and Company

Thank you for all your help and kindness at this difficult time. You are an angel.

~Love, M.J. 

Patricia and Company

Thank you Patricia for helping me look and feel beautiful! You have been an angel throughout my journey!

~Jayne M.

Patricia and Company

My mom was recently in need of a wig due to cancer treatments. Patricia was so professional but also genuinely kind and considerate. She picked out a wig for mom in no time at all, styled the wig, and made my mother feel comfortable during the complimentary GI Jane haircut that she gives to anyone losing their hair.
I would highly recommend Patricia. She will make you forget about the stress and scariness of the disease and will treat you like a normal human being. The experience was even fun! We are all grateful to her for what she was able to do for my mom.

~Dana S.

Patricia and Company

Patricia you are the best! I have 4 of your wigs and each time was a fun and loving experience!

~Lucia C.

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